I have over 9 years of experience in design & develop software. I have worked with small startups and large service & product development companies. While I'm a proficient Data Engineer, My expertise is building scalable backed services(Batch & Stream processing, API services) with good understanding of computing, network, storage, and security to design solutions that run on Cloud.

Highlights: • Extensive Hands-on experience in Data engineering and DevOps practice • Experience in translating complex functional and technical requirements into detailed architecture and design • Delivering systems and features with top-notch quality, on time • Excellent knowledge of the Infrastructure as a Code (IaC) pattern using tools like Terraform • Hands-on expertise in scripting and automation using languages like Bash, Python, Groovy • Well versed with container frameworks like Docker and also managed container services like ECS/ACS • Experience in implementing event-driven Microservices • Involved in implementing Data Lake for Health-care and Telecom clients. • Experience in Data Processing Architectures - Lambda and Kappa architectures • Experience with message queue integration using RabbitMQ and Kafka(Apache/Confluent) building medium-to-large pipelines • Hands-on experience in Git, CI tools like Jenkins and building end to end CI/CD pipelines for projects